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I was a member at the Port Charlotte location. I did attempt to contact the owner with no reply.

My husband works as a personal trainer at the location and is having a affair with another employee, i have never made any threats to any of the employees, in fact i said i was going to turn both my husband and the other women in that i hope theyd be fired. I have proof of everything. As well as i never even go to the gym durning the hours my husband or the girl works.

Im sure theres video at the location that will verfiy. My number is 941-979-2993

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Stop airing your private issues in public! Have some dignity! If there are membership issues, contact Corporate.


Video of proof I didn't threaten anyone from the gym (staff) the gym records everything for them to terminate my membership. All I did was confront the girl through text. I'm ok with the cheating that's what divorce is for, however I don't appreciate my membership be revoked after I paid.


video of what? What do you want it to show? having an affair is nasty, but not always a fireable offence.

Good luck though.

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