hahahaahaha this planet fitness is so funny like really anyone who is any kind of a lifter would not step in this gym this place is a joke they should call it planet fagness non intimidating atmosphere please im a powerlifter a real lifter ill go in and throw chalk scream and curl your 80 pound dumbells and make the fitness homos who are in there that weigh 110 pounds soaking wet with a neck that looks like a stack of dimes wet themselves haha what a joke this is this kind of place makes me pissed off because it gives lifting a bad name i cant believe anyone in there right mind would go here stay away if your not ***

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Lexington, Kentucky, United States #808633

Then obviously Planet Fitness isnt for you is it? The judgement free zone MEANS we dont cater to powerlifter or bodybuilders so obvioulsy we wont have anything for people like you to use.

If you dont like PF dont go there. OBvious answer for you buddy.

Levittown, New York, United States #713573

PF is supposed to be a judgment free zone but then they judge people who are actually serious about their fitness. I'm not a bodybuilder, I'm a female that likes to keep in shape and I have gone to a PF as a guest.

I was on a treadmill once and I felt I was being "judged" for running to fast. And I think their weights are inaccurate. I was doing a leg machine for my hamstrings and normally I do about 80 lbs but I had to do 100 at the PF, a again people were "judging" me. I think their weights are inaccurate to make the slobbish members feel better about themselves.

And yes, when you do a rep then sit at a machine sweating your *** off for 10 minutes before doing another rep, you're a slob. I'm glad I have membership elsewhere, where I can work out with people like myself, bodybuilders, old, young, who are serious about fitness and not be "judged"

San Diego, California, United States #712582

i totally agree. im not a power lifter lol im female and i like to be in shape and lift weights and use the squat machine.

I went there with my friend because she goes there and they have this 12 minute ab station and i just went and used one of the machines and this woman who works there tells me "have we informed you about our 12 minute workouts and im like yeah i dont give a *** lol. She contnues to say " well i see you were doing the machines out of order!" WTFFFF i dont need to do them in any *** order ill do them how i like!!!!!!!

*** THIS PLACE! also, a bunch of sketchy *** people just go there to hang out and stare at you


Sounds like a lot of roid rage in here


oscar you are a *** retard i repeat a retard i played D1 football at miami and i am a powerlifter and you dont have the slightest idea wtf you are talking about and if i saw your punk *** on the other side of the line trying to tackle me because i am a running back i steam roll your *** real quick so stop all the tough guy talk and 255 is *** weight im 230 and 5'9 and bench 405lbs squat700 and dead 800 so i meet you any day and show you any day how real football is played at a D1 school not a *** school like rutgers hahahah *** ***... and oh yea btw most of the PF dont have enough weight for me but obv they have enough for you *** *** punk


Rutgers typo not diggers


To all these "bodybuilders" lmao I also attend the planet fitness chain. Why you ask easy shitheads its only twenty bucks.

If you are indeed a bodybuilder than you would know that there are many many ways to build strength from circuit training (bet you never tried that, its just what 90 percent of mma athletes to and I bet they'll wool ure *** =]) two there's body weight excercise and three yeah the dumbells only go upto 80 lbs but vast majority of exercises don't need massive amounts of weight. And at PF they have hammerstength machines that max you out and *** smiths you can stack to the ceiling if you can't get a pump than ure retarded.

I also don't fit the persona either im 6'1 255 and solid played linebacker and currently training to walk on at diggers so to the bodybuilder quote on quote were not.all pencil necks.and.I will wup ure *** cause most TE are prob bigger than u. Thank you


kim sounds like you are a fat overweight pos and all you can do is hate on people your comments are cute to but not to witty, you can obv tell your not to smart, but you should prob go crawl into a hole and die before anyone else does you *** i cant stand loud mouth women who are *** such as yourself


svc id like to kick you in what you call your little *** you worthless little *** im a powerlifter and would like to see you spit on my stuff or even come near me with out me hitting you so hard your *** bleeds, your just another little guy who wants to be a big guy and never will it sad you have to be a weisel and go and do *** to peoples stuff when not looking try it when hes in front of you im sure youll be scared of him then ***


Planet Fatness is just a place for fat chicks to go, walk on the treadmill at a snails pace for 30 mins before eating the free pizza bagels and candy the SO-CALLED gym provides before they go home and eat an entire bucket of fried chicken while sitting on the coach watching tv for 3 hours

to Chris Newark, New Jersey, United States #634448

place encourages mediocrity. omg smith machines..really.nyc location is full of gays and the place is dirty.


This is just funny. All i can thing of anymore about the roid freaks anymore is "I pick things up and put them down" That about explains it all.

On another side of things. People that choice to do powerlifting/bodybuilding should be able to work out and do what they want.

This gym is more geared for the person wanting to drop weight or do a more cardio based workout , as well as a more toning routine over heavy muscle building. Bodybuilders have several choices of gym's and now the rest of the people have a choice as well. I don't do either as my workout is Kung-Fu 7 days a week with some weighted clothing on.


To the genius that spits in a powerlifters gear bag-If I caught you doing that *** to me, or another lifter, I would smash your face in you little ***. After I did that, I would throw you in the garbage and spit on you!

You must feel like a real man when you do this.

All you are is one of these 110 lb pencilnecks that frequent commercial gyms nowaday's. SVC you are nothing but a whiny loser, who needs to get a life!


You could have gotten your point across more intelligently without all those homophobic remarks.


Let me start by saying I am NOT a body builder or a Powerlifter. I am 6' tall and weigh 180 pounds. I am professionally employed. I do not fit into the PF stereotype of members they do not want in their club.

I was "lunked-alarmed" today for "dropping" a weight about an inch from the ground (actually it was less than an inch). The policy is nothing more than a promotion of their NO JUDGEMENT ZONE that I am sure some PF marketing executives came up with. I can picture some underpaid marketing executives at a roundtable meeting saying" How about this....if a member drops a weight, let's have a Lunk alarm so we can make a public example of the member in front of the other members. It may cost us one member but think of the new members we will get when the bystander members tell their friends about the public reprimand...that is GENIUS!!! "

I have been a member of Gold's, and MANY other health clubs for my entire life. I have never grunted, groaned or been told I work out "too hard" or am intimidating other members by anyone. Actually it is sort of comical that I would be the one they decided to promote their marketing plan with today. Thanks for making me feel so special. I am going to be sure to tell all my colleagues at work.javascript:ac_smilie(':grin')



Hey Ted... there are lots of other gyms for you to join.

If any "real lifters" had any real intelligence, they would walk into a Planet Fitness, realize it wasn't for them, and left. Planet Fitness is good for people who only use the equipment found in those gyms. Sure, they don't have weights over 50 lbs. or so, but I don't want to lift.

And I certainly don't want to pay $60 a month to go to some gym where I won't be using half their equipment. As a "real lifter" you should also know there are people out there who aren't interested in looking like an engorged orange slice and take your New York Sports Club and your grunting and your needles, crawl into a hole and die.


Powerlifters who make lots of noise are overcompensating. There's one at my gym and whenever he's in the shower I knock his towel ont he floor, spit in his gym bag or toss his shoes in the trash.

I'm not afraid of him, but I think it's funny when he throw a tantrum over it. One of these days, when it's dark in the evening, I'll slash the tires on his car.


Yea i am a lawyer and have my own firm


Ted do you have a job? Do you contribute to society or do you just go around insulting and judging people that you do not know and will never meet? Do you have anything legitimate to add?


jessica haha your a joke and a love everyone type of person you dont like what people have to say then dont comment you prob some tree hugging liberal who is some hippie with that comment you left thats what is wrong with the world today,good for you who ever wrote this comment first

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