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So, while working out from 7am to 8am one of the amazing team members had the clear judgement to snap the lock off of a locker containing my wallet and keys for someone who was not me. She then proceeded to leave the wallet and keys in the locker and walk away to go and teach a class.

And finally to top it all off she gave me a lot of attitude because I was clearly pissed. Strange that she never thought she should A. check to see if the ID matched the person making the request. or B.

take a persons valuables to the front desk. I don't know, maybe you should expect someone to be a tad upset.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: A new lock would be a great start, but an apology from your staff member who never admitted that she may have been in the wrong would go a long way..

I liked: Location and cleanliness.

I didn't like: Rude employee, Careless security.

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How did someone just post as my handle. How does this website work?

The last "seankenin" comment is obviously someone being an ***.

Why would someone post such an asinine comment?


Never mind everyone I found my wallet. I had lost my wallet prior and thought I would lie about one of the trainers opening up my locker for someone else in hopes that Planet Fitness gave me back the money that I lost when I thought I lost my wallet.

It was only $10 and I thought to a company like that they would not question me and just hand it over, but they said they are not responsible for lost or stolen items even when they thought that an employee's error was what caused my wallet and keys to supposedly be stolen in the first place. Just shows you how greedy they are.

to seankenin #888302

That is horrible, you could have had a person lose her job for her irresponsibility and all over $10 in a wallet that you admit you lost yourself. You are a terrible person and should be ashamed of yourself.

I am glad you found your wallet but to make up a lie to get back $10 that you lost is immature.

I hope you grow up and use better judgement next time. At least have the decency to apologize to the person who you falsely accused.

to Anonymous #888316

I agree, that would be horrible, if it was me who just posted that comment. How does this website work if anyone can post with the name of the original poster.

A. Why would I lie about $10. and B.

Why would I admit to it here? None of it makes any sense.

to seankenin #888318

Who is this and why are you posting as me?


The only one who teaches classes at PF is the trainer. Removing a lock is not what he/she would do.

Tho I agree that leaving a wallet behind was wrong...

I'm sure there is a sign NOT to leave valuables is a locker.

Heck, I don't. I have a gym bag, a change of clothes, workout gloves, a towel, shower stuff and a $1.

There are zero cameras in locker rooms, you always leave your things at your own risk anyway. Don't risk what you can't lose.

to Anonymous #887318

Why have a locker room at all then? The very nature of a locker room is to be able to lock your things up.

The name implies safety. And I understand that they don't want to be held responsible for a random theft, but if they cut the lock off its a different matter entirely.

Lastly trainer may not be the person who is supposed to wield the lock cutter, but this trainer is the one who told me that she opened my locker. So, no detective work needed on that one.

to Anonymous #1090802

Gym bags are not allowed on the floor at Planet Fitness. Your best bet is to leave your wallet in your car. Or better yet, pay a little more and go to an actual real gym where people are treated like adults and carry things they need to work out, like a gym bag.

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