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I've belonged to Planet Fitness located in Oro Valley Az. It has been the best health club I've been a part of.

It was new as of 2013 and has been maintained to keep it looking and running new since. Seldom is it even a little crowded. The other day I walked in the door and found most of the treadmills taken and thought " this is the most people I've ever seen here" but still I never waited for any machine or weight bench. At only $10/month one can't really expect much of any discount even if we are seniors.

I've often paid 4 times that amount for just a mediocre club.

If you can't sign up on line I suggest you walk in and you'll be done in a matter of minutes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Planet Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

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Yeah, you are awesome, with the right attitude and disposition. *** happens that makes things less than perfect.

As long as people we those work there do their best to try to fix things, I'm fine. Nothing is ever 100%, and with what they charge (i pay $10 a month) my place is great!


I belonged to a gym for $99 a month, a family plan. They had 1 of each equipment, 6 treadmills, no two were alike, 4 Nu Steps (my fave) , it wasn't 24/7, and when I could make, it was full of seniors using all the limited equipment.

Yes they had a pool, a track, a basketball half court and other stuff. But it was small, cramped, and I wasn't comfortable. It wasn't until I went inside a Planet Fitness that i learned what a LUNK was. I quit our family membership, decided to give Planet Fitness a shot, saved ton of money, and now I have different cardio to choose from (all same make and model).

Staff that seem genuinely happy to see me, and I don't see those people who like to hog equipment. I spend a happy hour there and I leave. I started at $10 a month and decided I wanted more. The Black Card Membership became a great addition.

Look, I was paying $99 a month for 3 people. Now I'm paying $19.99 a month and I can bring a friend. We workout, we learn, we have fun, and we leave. My club is awesome!!!

But if you are focusing on one thing being out of whack, you may not find ant place you'd ever like.

You'd probably complain about parking!

Take another look and really figure out...

Is it than? Or is it you?

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