I am pissed with many reviewers who complain about PF. You guys paid only $10 a month, and if you don't like it, you can leave anytime. If you upset that there are no weights heavier than 75 pounds, nobody forces you to work out at PF. You can go someplace else. If you don't like lack of free weights or something else, you should have checked it out before buying your membership.

I joined the location on Coors and Irving even though I can attend a free gym on the military base. However, for $10 a month, I can go to PF during weekends. Every time, I come to PF, I am always greeted at the reception desk. I exercise and nobody bothers me. It is always clean and supplies are full. I like to come PF early morning before work. People are nice and always greet each other. If something breaks, it is usually repaired within 2 days.

The only complain I have is with members who don't use lockers and carry their jackets with them from one machine to another.

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This Planet Fitness is horrible. It does stink, smell and is gross.

For those of you that like it then you have never been to a real gym or outside of Albquerque. You do not know any better. This gym is gross, overcharges and scams you.

Planet Fitness overall is a scam and I am glad that I was educated enough to get out while I could. Dont waste your money and do not go with Planet Fitness.


no this GYM sucks ***!!!!! their no commitment is a lie also watch out for their hidden fees !!!!!!make sure you dont exhale to much or you'll set off the lunk alarm "lazy alarm" lour you in with free food hahhahaha what a joke better run on that treadmill harder oh wait the alarm!!!! an lil snot nosed punk threatening you that youll lose membership "GYM ***" "GFY"



Im a member of PF at Coors and I think its Great and it doesnt smell and the people are nice. If you say that you must be somewhere else


Did u not try the gym out first?..did u not take a tour before u bought? Any gym where u go that has hundreds of people working out and yes when u work out u r gonna sweat its gonna smell at that time dnt u think? Cmon now..and about the parking..so ur gonna have to walk a little ways..consider it ur warm up


The PF on Coors is awful. No parking, way too many people and its a meat market.

The staff is rude, lazy and generally not interested in working. They suck you in with their cheap prices and it is a mistake to join. The building stinks like dirty bodies as the air system was not made for a fitness center. Plant Fitness is only after massive membership.

You pay for the cheap prices with no parking, machines full and an overall gross enviornment. Would NEVER recommend PF to anyone.

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