It seems that I've had a very similar unpleasant experience as most other people have posted reviews. I was a member of the Rio pinar Planet Fitness in Orlando Florid.

There is a staff member by the name of KYLE that was extremely rude, unprofessional and his method seem to be racially biased. Just like other members they refused to give out the corporate number, and personally I wouldn't pay more money at others fitness gym than deal with unprofessional staff members. It is my mission to post negative reviews on as many sites to say no one has to deal with rude unprofessional racist employees just because the membership is cheap. Planet fitness needs to seriously know that customer service is an asset that is needed for a successful business, and the members are how the pay their expensives and their employees, so why is it ok to rude and unprofessional.

Finding a corporate office number took a great deal of time, and when I did find it I was told that they do not deal with the state of Florida. Please continue to post your negative reviews to encourage a change of staff and much need customer service.

The members are how the bills get paid, so why does Planet fitness employ employees that are rude, unprofessional, and display racial behavior. Yes racial behavior I truly feel KLYE behavior was racial motivated...really it is 2013.Planet Fitness needs to screen their employees better and strive on customer service and satisfaction just because there membership is only $10 a month doesn't give the the right to be rude and unprofessional

Product or Service Mentioned: Planet Fitness Membership.

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Same experience here with the girl on nights, she made me feel embarrassed to be there with her snickering face, I know her name is heather wish I k ew her last name so I can call corporate!!!

Orlando, Florida, United States #974373

It's so easy to play the race card, isn't it?

Your *** was on the phone on the floor of the gym, which is against the rules that YOU SIGNED when you signed up, and rather than admit that you were in the wrong, you play the race card. How pathetic can you be?

TAKE SOME DAMNED RESPONSIBILITY instead of being an ignorant black expecting to get by on your skin color.

If there are racists out there YOU ARE THE REASON WHY.

You know who the racist is in this situation? YOU ARE. If you don't go to Planet Fitness anymore, it's no loss. No one wants a racist in the gym, including an ignorant black who wants to get by at the expense of someone calling her on ignorant behavior.

And you are definitely ignorant. The good news is that your racist rant has had no impact on the business of this Planet Fitness.

You were on the phone on the gym floor, which is a violation of the agreement you signed. Suck it up and stop playing the race card, you ignorant piece of trash.


mishalee...i saw your uncles GF on the computer......tell her and her friends to put their clothes on

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