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Came in to cancel my membership and the employee behind the front desk said he didn't know where the paperwork was and took my name down and assured me that he would take care of the cancellation.. just got off the phone after seeing I have been charged the annual fee and this months fee and the manager told me there was no paperwork so basically there is nothing I can do..

he was extremely rude and told me that it was my fault not his employees.. So just got charged $60 this month for their mistake.. will not ever step foot in another planet fitness and do not recommend them for their rude staff.

It took me 3 phone calls letting the phone ring numerous times before anyone would answer.. I walk away from this experience with a very negative review..

Product or Service Mentioned: Planet Fitness Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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they don't use paper!!!! you m0r0n!!!

your lies are completely transparent!!!

to taylor #1389290

“Taylor” who Claims on my complaint is only a former member, has been commenting negatively to everyone who has a complaint.

He apparently just has strong loyalty to a gym he claims he no longer belongs too.

His time would be better spent in a remedial grammar class.



PF cancellations HAVE been virtual for more than 2.5 years.

YOUR rant is a complete lie!

to Anonymous #1389297

Once again, I believe “Taylor” has struck again with his acute knowledge of the policies and how many documents are signed as well as those that are virtual vs paper.


Hey Planet Fitness, get someone who watched Sesame Street to defend you in the future.

to Anonymous #1389307

I’m betting your name is “Taylor” and you’re wearing a Planet Fitness t-shirt and name tag.

Don’t ever be placed in the witness protection program, your abilities to be anonymous are as bad and traceable as your horrid grammar.

to Anonymous #1389311

Let us all guess..

Your name is Taylor?

Take your next check from Planet Fitness and buy a book on basic sentence structure.

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