I was having $20.00 a month automatically taken out of my checking account via debt card. I went in to downgrade my membership since their black card membership really isn't a deal at all.

I was told I couldn't downgrade unless I came up with a blank check. Really! They were already taking money out of my account, why do they need a blank check? That is very suspicious so I cancelled my membership.

So when I cancelled my membership, the girl at the front counter gave me a pissed off look. Not to mention the 2 girls that were at the counter didn't know how to downgrade my membership. And instead of both girls trying to help me, one other girl just walked away to hang out with her family (or what I assumed was her family).

I am also aware now that Planet Fitness practices a habit of not cancelling card payments, but cancelling membership, definatley will keep an eye on that. If I notice one more payment taken out, I am looking for a class action lawsuit or filing legal actions myself.

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I called today to downgrade and was told I would be charged $49 to downgrade because I hadn't been a member for a year. I read through the agreement and there was NOTHING stating anything to that effect.

I was put on hold while they searched the agreement to find it. When they came back they tried to tell me it was another part of the agreement that is separate from what I signed.

I DIDN'T sign it and I DIDN'T see it. I was told I could downgrade at any time and could cancel at any time.

Brick Township, New Jersey, United States #863063


yes im trying to downgrade my black card, i have no need to go to other gyms other then my home gym. they tried telling me that they have to cancel my membership that i have to pay the 58$ early termination fee, then sign back up with the sign up fee.

How is this a cancellation. its simply a downgrade. Ive posted on the FB wall and went on their webpage and sent couple emails.

no responses.

one of the worst customer services i have ever experienced.

New York, New York, United States #853162

"I was told I couldn't downgrade unless I came up with a blank check."

That makes no sense. Call and speak with a manager .

I'm sure something was misunderstood.

VOIDed check maybe, but not blank!

It's possible there was A processing charge to downgrade, but switching to a checking account (non debit) for your monthly billing may have been an option to downgrade for Free.

to Mateer #857295

Mateer, this is the 6th negative review which you've taken the time to defend Planet Fitness. It seems you have a vested interest in defending this ridiculous company.

Do you work for or represent Planet Fitness?

to Ben.T San Bernardino, California, United States #859983

My comment served to help the person. But I can only help if given the correct facts.

Based on what was written, I gave a course of action. Only the writer knows the truth.

You, on the other hand, have a vast void between your ears, posting inane and useless comments without reading or comprehending.

I've thoroughly enjoyed my time replying to a pointlessly breathing individual with inadequate brain cells. My time to enjoy a chuckle, because though stup!duty makes me sad, it also makes me laugh my a$$ off.

to Mateer Roswell, Georgia, United States #1209283


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