I signed up for a membership for myself and my daughter, and after a month cancelled both of our memberships. This is in 2010.

Then in October of this year, I saw 4 transacations from my checking account to Planet fitness. I called the bank and was told that I had "auto re-enrolled by Planet fitness" I called them and they stated that I had not ever cancelled. Apparently, I should have received a cancellation confirmation letter. I sent them and their coroporate office another certified mail cancellation notice.

I received the notice of cancel dated November of 2013. They also pulled out fees again!

Unless you receive the cancellation notice in writing back from them, then it is not oficial. I have the copy of the original cancellation, but didn't know that I was to have received a cancellation notice back.

Review about: Planet Fitness Membership.

Monetary Loss: $118.

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Wow dude, you paid two years worth and auto renewed last year and are just now finally noticing that you've been billed for 2 years on what you allege was canceled. IMO, idiocy deserves to pay the piper!

But, yeah, if you really have a receipt that you canceled, they owe you dude! But this is now a lesson for you : CHECK YOUR CHECKBOOK EVERY MONTH, heck, everyday, cuz you've definitely got more dollars than sense!

Greenbelt, Maryland, United States #776504

Did you just notice that you've been paying for a membership for 2 additional years?! Because that is what you are implying.

PF does not restart/reinstate cancelled memberships without a new agreement. If you really have foundation, meaning that you were just suddenly billed, (i mean suddenly with a $0 two year AR history) ask PF to produce the agreement that caused the re-instatement.

Meanwhile, If you have a completed and signed (by you and staff) yellow duplicate of the original, YOU ARE CANCELED. That yellow sheet IS your confirmation. You should have all paid dues after the "last bill date" refunded.

Your proof is ammo in hand to call PF corporate and have them demand the refund on your behalf. If you are 100% truthful in your post, that PF deserves to suffer a loss.

According to this website, the corporate customer service phone number is 603-750-0001. Good luck!

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