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I am a single mum this people from this club are killing me my bankaccount is a compleat mix up my payments are complitly out (like schoolfees Stoporders ...) because of their deductions . I lost in the last 3 month R 4500.- from my bankaccount through this company please someone help i dont know what to do anymore the bankcharges to reverse payment are so high that i would only get R 1700.- back fom this amount

they deduct 4 X in one month who can make them stop?

I am in financial problems now because....

yours faithfully

Sonja Schiessling

Monetary Loss: $570.

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Cinnaminson, New Jersey, United States #818344

I am having the same problem in contamination nj club they are rude and don't take responsibility for their errors terrible people I called corporate office still waiting for respond. They are thirds charging your account double sometimes 3x s then don't take responsibility...hey people call the news lets expose there horrible business operation ...

.I am so so posses..


Closed your account and open another one. It may be a little pain in the but.

but aleast no worries of unnecessary funds taken out of your accouny.

I would have closed my account along time ag. after the 1 to 2nd incident.

Seattle, Washington, United States #795173

Hey anonymous from Washington DC how come you respond to all the planet fitness complaints on the side of planet fitness? Check other complaints and you'll see the same anonymous from Washington, District of Columbia commenting on how the pissed consumer is likely at fault and planet fitness didn't do anything wrong. Really?

to Anonymous Trenton, New Jersey, United States #802436

Not ALL. When PF appears to be wrong, assuming the grievance is true, I support the grievance.

Understand that most grievances are perception and not fact. When it's perception, it's usually customer service, and a member wanting something outside the parameters customer service can provide, or they do not like to be told, or re-told the rules.

Then there is perception of the agreement. The is legal-logical, yet many have an IDEA of what they are signing, but don't pay attention to the details when offered. Yada, yada, yada!

They just want the membership signup process to be overwith and may appear to be listening but have stopped comprehending.

Here, on this website, there are many rants, and very few actual REAL grievances.

Customer Service is hard work, and one becomes immune to excuses.

I need the facts and I look for the holes. I will support whomever appears to be wronged!

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #794682

Are you saying that you had a membership for 6 years and never used it???!!!

Cuz it that's true , your sob story doesn't impress me in the least. Follow the cancellation procedures outlined on the agreement.

They're EASY and SIMPLE! The dues are CHEAP! How is this destroying your bank account?

Aha, you can't afford it and wanted something you could not budget for and decided to blame someone else. Excuses are LAME!

Los Angeles, California, United States #789970

Put a stop payment when month one you see any weird deductions. I had the same issue with LA fitness.

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