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There is no words to describe my disappointment with the inadequacy of Weltman's staff. I had a technician examine my AC unit for more then an hour on the 1st visit. He did not find anything wrong and sent a 2nd technician 5 days later. The 2nd technician spent 10 minutes and said that he will need to run diagnostics that will cost me $321 in addition to the original $78 for the service call. I sent him out, paying the $78. I was afraid that $321 later he will tell me to install a new unit.I then patiently waited for a friend of a friend to come and look at my AC. He stopped by and in 15 minutes detected a simple problem, replaced 2 small parts and charged me $150 for the whole job. My house is cool now!!! Weltman was the worst service experience for me. Their people seem to be polite and courteous, so I can only think that they are incompetent or this is a scheme and they are instructed to have the customer pay for diagnostics ($321) that really is not necessary.

When I shared this with the Weltman manager, he send me a very polite email:

I apologize for the service you received. I can assure you this is not the way Weltman Home Services operates. Thank you for bringing the problems to my attention I will look into them immediately. If you wouldn't mind forwarding your receipt from the other service company, I would like to refund you not only the service call fee from our call but also pay for the work the second company did.

Of course I was pleasantly surprised and emailed back the invoice. Since then, there were no more replies from Weltman and of course they did not reimburse anything. HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!

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Summit, New Jersey, United States #682836

Never again will we request service from Weltman Home Services. We have used them many times since purchasing our home in 2006.

Most recently, we waited 3 days to have a technician look at our water heater which included missed appointments promised on the first two days. The technician left our intermittently working water heater completely dead in the water. And to add insult to injury, the quote to now replace the unit was almost twice that of the competitor's quotes. More than $2700 for a 40 gallon power vent water heater installed.

Way to go taking care of your long time customer Mr. Weltman!

I have now joined the ranks of the dissatisfied in Union County, NJ. Claudia and David Fuchs


You're a ***!

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