I called to see if I could join with my daughter who is under the age of 10 but was recomended by her doctor to do some cardio activities. All I wanted was for she and I to go walk and do the stepper.

I was told they WILL NOT ALLOW ANYONE under the age of 13 to join! Now how is it that you want to cure childhood obesity but have an age limit even with an adult not leaving their side?! its a load of bs and this company will never be getting any money from me. I even asked if I could bring in a doctors note stating that she needed to workout and would never be without an adult.

Was rudely cute off and told it was a corporate policy. I'm beyond livid.

So you're telling me you want to not have overweith children but only ones that are teens? Good talk Planet Fitness.

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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*** it's our policy


Get over it it’s the rule.. they’re not bad for not allowing under 13.


It is called liability.These machine are not made tor those under 13. There are ways to get your daughter fit.

Make her join a sports team. Take walk around the park.


Who wants to go workout when all you have is a bunch of snot-nosed little kids


Have her walk around the block!


UNDER 10???!! Planet Fitness is not a daycare, no one goes there to be around whiny kids. Can’t you think of something more appropriate for your kid to do for exercise?


It’s their policy. Known in advance.

It’s a liability issue for them. Their call. Not a big deal.

Many different gyms. PF is not responsible for the childhood obesity issue.


Well all I did was I went into Paint and did an edit job on my birth certificate, so 2 years ago, when I was 12, they thought that I was 13, so I have been going since I was 12.


That makes you a criminal, congratulations.


Planet Fitness is a joke they discriminate make their own rules it is not fair thought this was judgement free what a joke this gym is! I will go out of my way to talk people out of leaving the gym and not signing up.

They canceled my membership in Southern California because they said my friend grunted too loud. It was a manager that look like she never stepped foot in a gym her whole entire life and she was very judgmental towards us and we woke up the next day with an email stating our memberships were cancelled Planet Fitness sucks this gym is a joke !


I had cancel my contract on the August 12 and they took out money from my account the next month. I called to see what happened and they said to me I had never cancelled.

What the heck. This company doesnt take the customers seriously.

Now I have to go out of my way to look for the cancellation letter. When they were the ones making the mistake.


They did the same thing to me. Not only did they take 2 months charges out but they also took out the yearly fee.

They told me the same thing. I was charged $60.00 for some employees mistake.


This gym is a complete joke! Planet Fitness sucks!

They cancelled my and my friends membership we have been going there for over a year we're Christians we work out all the staff members like this then one day we have a new manager that look like she never stepped foot in a gym in her whole entire life can front us and said we were grunting too loud in the mean time I looked at her and said seriously? My friend did not grunt or do anything out of the ordinary and there was a gentleman while she was confronting us three machines away grunting as loud as he could and not one word was said to him.

This is discrimination it is definitely not judgment free this gym and their management are like all the crazy out of their mind liberals that make their own rules and if you don't agree with them you are out we woke up the next morning and our memberships were cancelled what a joke Planet Fitness is a joke this is not a real gym judging who they want. Judgement free my ***


90 % of weight loss is decreasing calories. Working out won’t stop childhood obesity... changing the way we eat will.

@Trinita Anm

Evil Meerkat646 people don't just work out to lose weight. It's to build muscle and strength or to make you leaner in general.

It's for bone strength as well. Also, you can be thin and still flabby. My sister has Esophagus Cancer and a feeding tube. It took an entire year for her to lose weight even while becoming malnourished.

She could barely even drink water before the diagnosis and the tube. And it still took a year for her weight to go down substantially because it's very gradual.

You can cut calories all you want but it's not like you will lose major weight over night. Building Muscle helps burn calories.


Very sorry for your sister. Exercise does not increase bone strength but rather tortures those structures which are inadequate or damaged ; either by accident or by birth.

You must have calories to operate muscle or that's the first thing your body burns to nourish itself : muscle. Muscle weighs 4x as much as fat per cc so building muscle will often result in a weight GAIN.

A ell muscled frame becomes increasingly difficult to support with age. Most 30 year old musclemen wind up fat 60 year olds.


It’s called go exercise outside


I personally like the no children under 13 policy. It was designed to keep the fitness center enjoyable for all adult patrons.

The place would be over run by people abusing the fitness center amenities , ie, Lounge Area, if it did not enforce the rules. I have an 11 yo daughter who has begged me to take to the gym. I would love to take her with me but I understand the rules and agreed to them when I joined.

I instead take her to the park, softball practice and indoor play areas. If your so bent on fitness and exercise with you kids join the YMCA or just go outside.


Yes with the Affordable cost of ymca. They won't even allow an attended child in the waiting area. How nice

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