I called to see if I could join with my daughter who is under the age of 10 but was recomended by her doctor to do some cardio activities. All I wanted was for she and I to go walk and do the stepper.

I was told they WILL NOT ALLOW ANYONE under the age of 13 to join! Now how is it that you want to cure childhood obesity but have an age limit even with an adult not leaving their side?! its a load of bs and this company will never be getting any money from me. I even asked if I could bring in a doctors note stating that she needed to workout and would never be without an adult.

Was rudely cute off and told it was a corporate policy. I'm beyond livid.

So you're telling me you want to not have overweith children but only ones that are teens? Good talk Planet Fitness.

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Well I’m two years under 13 but does that really counr


So can they bring them in as guest ? I’m at the gym right now dad brought in his 2 boys and they aren’t near 13

to Anonymous #1623067

That’s should be good as long as your dad is with them


Ok, let me ask this. Why did you let your kid get fat?

Why did you not monitor what they're eating and instead of eating fast food?! Why didn't you MAKE them go outside instead of sitting inside playing on their tablet, watch tv/movies, video games, etc? Walking? Not enough, sorry.

Why don't you tell them to go run around the block about 10 times. Better yet, be their example and do it with them! Not having a gym membership is NOT an excuse to not work out and it's just pure laziness on anyone who uses that excuse. If you don't know how to, learn.

It's really that simple. Don't get mad at the gym for having a policy that almost every other gym on this planet (no pun intended) has to protect them from getting sued or having to babysit. If this sounds harsh, that's because it is. It's a wake up call.

Stop making excuses for a *** diet & *** attitude and BE the example and make the changes!

I don't need to be anonymous. My name is below and I live in Menasha, WI.

to Scott Beck #1625023

ok some people are just built larger than others, it has absolutely nothing to do with how she has raised you have raised your child


I just had the same problem and was so excited because I had one lady tell me that she could come in as long as she was able to do the machines then I was told she had to be 13 years of age. I am so frustrated.

to Anonymous #1620618

Frustrated or not I can guarantee that if your child got hurt you would sue. There is a reason that they do not allow those under the age of 13 to use their equipment that is made for ADULTS.

to DashingMink #1623405

100% correct. I absolutely love your responses because I'm tired of entitled parents teaching their kids it's everyone else's fault....

I don't want and definitely do NOT need some 13 year old kid (or younger) not being monitored that has NO CLUE what they're doing and in my way when I'm trying to get an intense workout in (because I actually know what I'm doing) and I have a time limit.

I suppose that's why I go at 4:30am because then I don't have to put up with that *** If I brought a kid, I'd tell them they're coming with me at 4:30 in the morning so we aren't in everyone else's way. It's called respect!


To all those who say shame on the parents for having a chubby kid. In America, school aged children eat two of their three daily meals at school.

My son has a weight issue...I have repeatedly asked the school not to allow him to eat anything I dont prepare, yet every day he gets fed because I can log into his account and see the charges hit his account. I tried not paying and I get letters from the school threatening legal action to settle the debt. I make my request again...they still feed him. Not just that, but the meals that are served are overloaded with carbohydrates and very little protein or fiber to fill and keep full.

The school has also all but cut out daily exercise at school as the state minimum is 25 minutes per day which they count the five minutes between each class as physical activity. I have raised complaint and nothing changes. So yes, I would like to take my children to the gym where they have a range of choices for how they get physical activity. I could buy a treadmill and have my child bored after a week but have spent a years gym membership on the purchase.

I live in a small town where indoor always available despite weather activity options are limited. Not blaming planet fitness, but why are kids discriminated against. My son is taller than many adults. Yes his bones are still growing so certain activities should be excluded...which is another reason a gym should consider embracing our youth.

Offer classes to show what exercises to do and which to avoid. Have smaller equipment for smaller bodies if need be...I would appreciate larger equipment for larger bodies as I have to take an uncomfortable position to get my heart rate on most of my gym's equipment where my 11 year old son would have no problem.

to Ann Onymous #1620620

Maybe instead of getting angry at the school you should get angry at your son for disobeying you ad eating these fatty foods. This is not discrimination you idiot.

There are age restrictions for safety.We all know your son does not know how to listen and follow rules. If your son got hurt because the equipment is not meant for kids you would sue. As for you son buying things you told him not to buy that is his fault not the school's.

After all he is 11 not 5. There are probably a lot of gym programs for kids.

to DashingMink #1623400

We must have been typing this at the same time! But remember, we're the *** for thinking this way and that the parents have the ability to make their kids accountable yet CHOOSE not to do so.

to Ann Onymous #1620621

You should probably also read my comment to the person from 2014... You at least are doing (or TRYING to) the right things...to a point.

What you're lacking is being tough on your kid. Parents in this country have become weak and allow their kids far too many "choices". Every time your kid eats more food than what you sent along with him for lunch, make him run flights of stairs, push ups, body weight squats, lunges, jumping jacks. Make him get up at 5:00 A.M.

to go run 3 miles. He shouldn't get a choice of different kinds of activity to burn off the extra calories because he's not following your instructions and rules in the first place so punish his *** Again, it's not the schools job to monitor this but kids that don't have $ on an account typically get the bare minimum of food. Schools aren't going to just keep giving him food if you don't pay. If our son eats more than what's packed, he hears about it.

We are hard on him because we actually love him. I put him through workouts that any other kid at that age would cry and complain about and most adults would not even attempt, but he keeps coming back for more because he wants to better himself EVERY DAY. He's training for wrestling, so even me at 39... time to get my *** in shape too.

I will never tell him to do something I didn't at least one time have to do and I'll do it with him until I'm 80 years old.... Age is an excuse just like every other excuse. Probably the worst one....

Fact is that parents just aren't tough anymore... everyone's become soft.


Nice thanks ima go and see if 11 year old's are allowed


I would agree first change your child diet and hire a Personal Trainer for you both. Simple.

to Anonymous #1620623

100% correct! How about just get off the couch and do something?! All these excuses are pathetic.


I agree


A child that is 13 and over weight is the problem with the parents.

to Bob #1546523

Not necessarily

to Anonymous #1620627

BS. First of all, you're anonymous.... Second of all, if you're saying not necessarily, you're part of the problem.


Maybe try not feeding your kid so much junk food. If your child is fat it is BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!

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