I called to see if I could join with my daughter who is under the age of 10 but was recomended by her doctor to do some cardio activities. All I wanted was for she and I to go walk and do the stepper.

I was told they WILL NOT ALLOW ANYONE under the age of 13 to join! Now how is it that you want to cure childhood obesity but have an age limit even with an adult not leaving their side?! its a load of bs and this company will never be getting any money from me. I even asked if I could bring in a doctors note stating that she needed to workout and would never be without an adult.

Was rudely cute off and told it was a corporate policy. I'm beyond livid.

So you're telling me you want to not have overweith children but only ones that are teens? Good talk Planet Fitness.

Product or Service Mentioned: Planet Fitness Membership.

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Maybe try not feeding your kid so much junk food. If your child is fat it is BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!


That’s completely wrong


No, actually you're wrong. Science has proven this.


I honestly don’t think is the parents and no i’m not agreeing that feeding your kids to much is good. There are certain types of family that go through the family like the genetics that a side has.


Again, wrong. Genetics are just as much as an excuse as anything else. Science disproves this time and time again.


I understand your complaint. It makes sense to be angry.

But even thought children may have a lot of energy, I don’t think it’s a good idea to make them go to the gym and work their *** off. Besides, it’s NOT going to be easy to find a place that will accept a child under 10 YEARS OLD.


Try the ymca


How about outside?! I listed a ton of things above that can be done out doors. Cold weather is a poor excuse....so is hot weather.


I agree exercise for kids is important as much for teens and adults. Think ill go elsewhere with my money as well!


They don't claim anywhere that they want to cure childhood obesity so i don't know where you pulled that one from. You child, who must be obese since you brought it up, can take walks outside - for free! Sorry you don't know that a gym isn't needed for a workout.


You're not a Blind Eagle ; you see things very clearly. One YES vote.


I think one reason the rule is set in place is because the equipment can be very dangerous for anyone, let alone a young child. Fingers can be totally pinched off if they happen to get caught where they are not supposed to be.

It only takes not watching a child for a second for something really bad to happen. Also, one parent/family may be very attentive and make sure the child is not unruly or mischievous but there are so many "family personalities and dynamics" and the company cannot be sure every parent will indeed supervise the child.Yes, some young children are older than their years but most children of elementary school age and even early middle school age are not mature enough to be in the gym environment with all the equipment around. Personally I have not been in any gym situation that allowed a child younger than 12 to participate. It is just too dangerous.There are other ways to do cardio, not just in a formal setting, though I do agree with getting our kids used to the gym atmosphere early so they are used to the workout setting, just not so early.

The equipment is dangerous even for adults if not used properly, and young bones and muscles/ligaments are very vulnerable and susceptible to injury if not exercised appropriately for their young age and development.Taking a walk at a brisk pace, dancing, and other activities are very good cardio and can provide good family/bonding time with a young child. It does not have to be a formal setting and a child may appreciate that atmosphere better.


YMCA allows kids in the gym


Ours had a policy that kids had to be supervised at all times. Guess what didn't happen? I quit ours and moved to Planet Fitness in part because of that policy.


Well said and very well written I am fed up with parents entering our gym with children well under 10 the parents often have no idea and put their children on treadmills machines in the wrong hands a GYM is a dangerous environment. A few days ago a tourist visiting our gym was asked to leave with her 10 year old daughter the mother blew up in the middle of my workout simply put I told her the gym is not a kinder garden!!!!


My son is 11 and really wants to be able to go to the gym and I would definitely go if he could come. I know some parents do not supervise their children and some children are unruly.

However there should be someway to let the parents and children who would not disturb others. With child obesity children need to be able to go with their parent as long as they are using the gym appropriately and if not the gym should be able to ask you to leave, but not all kids should be punished.


You know kids kids have be able to lose weight, exercise, and be healthy long before planet fitness or gyms came around right? Planet fitness is a business and they have to have some standard rules and policies.

They don't know your child. It is also would be impossible for them to determine if your child could use the equipment correctly and wouldn't disrupt the environment of the gym. Planet fitness has strict rules to govern the environment of the their gyms. While your child may be a perfectly well behaved child and you may be able properly supervisor them the gym has no way of knowing that and there is of course liability.

Insurance when it comes to business is often determined by the company's policy or insurance can actually cause a company to make a policy. Meaning that Planet fitness might pay a cheaper rate when it comes to insurance by banning child under the age of 13 or their insurance might require that the company ensures no one under the age of 13 uses the gym.

There is also another possible which is that planet fitness could allow child under the age of 13 but they would do so at their own risk and Planet Fitness's insurance policy will not cover anything for those cases. Any of this possibilities would be a huge risk for Planet Fitness.


I need to chime in here. Just so you know diet, not exercise will make you lose weight.

yes exercise is good but will not make you lose weight if you don't adjust your diet. Meaning you can lose weight by diet alone!


Exactly. No matter how much conditioning, weight lifting and cardio is done when parents are allowing their kids 10 Twinkies every day along with all the other processed garbage because they don't want to cook, they are the reason society has become unbearably disgusting.



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