I called to see if I could join with my daughter who is under the age of 10 but was recomended by her doctor to do some cardio activities. All I wanted was for she and I to go walk and do the stepper.

I was told they WILL NOT ALLOW ANYONE under the age of 13 to join! Now how is it that you want to cure childhood obesity but have an age limit even with an adult not leaving their side?! its a load of bs and this company will never be getting any money from me. I even asked if I could bring in a doctors note stating that she needed to workout and would never be without an adult.

Was rudely cute off and told it was a corporate policy. I'm beyond livid.

So you're telling me you want to not have overweith children but only ones that are teens? Good talk Planet Fitness.

Product or Service Mentioned: Planet Fitness Membership.

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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My kid went to a boxing gym at the age of 9. He used the equipment and trained.

Got bloody lips and all. Pretty sure Planet Fitness would be easier on youth.

For Heaven's sakes just kick out people with kids who won't mind. Mine actually has manners and is respectful.


yes I go to gym to work out but this work out time is a chance for me to have a minute to myself without kids. If you want to take your kids then go to your local ymca


Well said


Because they were/are in a sport that requires discipline and respect. Personally these days I think all kids need a wake up call...even still, do you realize if this was allowed how many "free passes" would be given out that paying members who want to use the equipment are being interrupted or have to wait?

I'd be livid. Find a used set of dumbbells & a bench and make them run...

I could care less about the temperature because that's just another excuse. They do not need anything more than those things at the young age and any weights before 13 is extremely questionable anyway.


i am 12 but will be 13 in july can i join


Children don't belong in a gym. Liability reasons.All it takes is one child to misuse the equipment, get hurt, then the parent slaps a lawsuit.The Ymca is better for kids.


ya basic


I would not want to work out around a child.


I can understand their point of view for not letting your daughter in, even if you did say that her doctor recommended her to get more physical exercise, because they don't know her, or how she will act, and it is just a corporate policy, but I'm surprised at the fact that they did Nied a for not letting your daughter in, even if you did say that her doctor recommended her to get more physical exercise, because they don't know her, or how she will act, and it is just a corporate policy, but I'm surprised at the fact that they where deny an actual doctors note... If I were you I would have contacted corporate about that, maybe if you got a doctors note you could slip between the lines, but obviously you'd have to go to like a CEO or something


13 is actually one of the youngest ages gyms allow...They are a business and they have liability issues...it’s a gym not a daycare.


I think that kids should use the treadmill because its just walking and running.


I would not go to a gym that allowed children in there. Too much of a liability for the business and people don’t watch their kids.

Too bad. Find another way to exercise.


You sound like a horrible person


I agree horibble people!!!! Kid haters!


What rock have you been living under? Don’t you think there are insurance liabilities involved?

Is your happiness the ONLY thing that matters to you? Who cares about everyone else in the gym right? I know you “SAY” she would be by your side but other parents may not be as attentive. Be kids running everywhere.

I have two heavy daughters so I understand where your at. I just think if the doctor says walk, then take her outside for a walk. Or make it fun somehow.

Gym equipment can be dangerous for young children. Use some common sense please and you’ll see how wrong you are.


A lot of you all are so ignorant. Smh grow up.


Agreed.. heaven forbid kids be active.

And no not all can go run around outside in umpteen degree heat. Mine suffers from migraines.. extreme heat and exercise is guaranteed to trigger migraine. But she could walk a treadmill for a half hour in a climate controlled facility.Note..

apartment complexes have fitness centers in them.. hotels.

There's no controls on ANY age child using them. Get a grip people.


You are not understanding... there are safety regulations set that these businesses are required to follow.

Everybody takes things so personal as if planet fitness is personally attacking your child. If you can afford a gym membership then you could go ahead and buy a treadmill and put in your house where it is also climate controlled


Ok so it’s there policy, there’s nothing you can do about that. Try working out out smokes and use that as a binding experience.

Good luck. Signed single African father age 33.


"their policy". Idiot.

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