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I Catherine B Hess, bought out my contract of $58.00 on May 28, 2010. Your company still proceeded to take out on June 2, 2010 a $39.00 annual fee from my account which also put me in a default with my bank costing me another $33.00.

I am Pissed!!! I want my money back and the $33.00 charge to my bank account. I was lucky enough to come up with the $58.00 fee to buy out my contract and then you do this!! I was laid off from my job.

I left for a financial reason and you screwed even more with my finances.

I did the right thing by you to buy out and you still screwed me. I want my money back ASAP.

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It is unfortunate, but before siging your name to anything, you should always read every word. That's common sense.


Once you cancel with them (following the contract of course) call your bank and stop any further payments it will save you quite the headache in the long run!! I am canceling myself due to financial hardships!!


With that being said, I wore a headband and jeans every day until the cancelled my membership for me and said that they don't think this is the gym for me. Worked, other than that the customer service at this gym is terrible


name calling really isn't necessary. A simple explanation will do since your taking the time to comment anyway.

No need to act like douche bags behind a keyboard. Id love for one of you guys to actually say something to my face.


Need cancellation notification by the 25th of the month PRIOR to your annual fee bill date which is (june 1st). If you retards actually READ the agreements, these problems could be avoided. it's your own ignorance for not READING lol!


Your all retarded. Cancellations must be made 7 days prior to your bill date. They send out EFT Reports a week before.


I had the same thing happen to me.I had to cancel due to being laid off. I canceled on the 27th and they still took the annual fee on June 1.

I overdrafted and lost $81. My bank gave me back $54 so I lost $27. That was on June 2. On June 4 I went on line to balance my bank account and found my account -$135.

Being that I am out of work and extremely careful with my money I called my bank. They told me that Planet Fitness withdrew another $39 on June 3. Now I have to go tomorrow to argue with there manager, who's dumber than a rock, to get this straightened out. I'm sure I know what they are gonna say.

They owe me about $190 as of today June 6. Then better do the right thing or the will be blasted publicly in the newspaper.


Yeah that is true. If you sign a year agreement without reading it you should be mad at your own ignorance.


they don't really have to mention that you are required to cancel before may 25th because you signed the contract that says it.


I was just screwed over by these people too. However, they probably conveniently forgot to mention that the cancellation is required before May 25 to avoid the June 1st annual membership fee.

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