I got a letter to come back to Planet Fitness so I went to join with my husband. They denied my membership because I only have a credit card!

My husband and I did away with our bank account months ago due to high fees and hearing this really makes me Irate! So you can't prepay unless they're offering it as a special, you can't use a credit card, and you can't pay in cash month by month. What big corporation doesn't take credit/debit credit cards?

Talk about single-ing people out! Guess I need to find a better gym!

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Totally agree, why don't they take credit cards BS

to JEL #1536415

If you have a debit card you have a checking account. And of course they take credit cards.


its a scam.... they want to attach your checking so they can over bill monthly.Do your self a favor.

find another gym.PF does not accept prepayment either!!!!!If thats not a sign I do not know what is.We canceled membership and they still are billing our account. SCAM

to Anonymous #1536419

You obviously didnt read what the contract when YOU signed it. You have to cancel by a certain date to stop for the next month, like any other ACH agreement.

All was listed in the agreement. Maybe people should read and then sign.


That’s because having a checking account they are plugged into account and it’s easier for them to submit a ach and take money the out your account even after canceling


Just tried joining PF. A checking account?

Really!!!! I really wanted to join but I guess I am out. Agree with others who has time for a checking account?

Guess that why it’s always empty when I go by. SMH


Planet Fitness losing customers. Can't use a credit card so won't be going back


This is so true, I totally agree. I wanted to join and they said they require 2 forms of payment.

There is no reason for this at all. They don't disclose reason for doing so, and don't explain up front you need 2 methods of payment on file.

Also they won't allow people to join with 6month or yearly membership to pay cash for the year or 6 months. WHEN DOES ANY RESPECTABLE DECENT BUSINESS NOT ALLOW PAYMENT UP FRONT FOR A YEAR??????

to Sheryl #1465438

When they want to continue billing you when they are not supposed to do so. It is all about the money, not the health of people trying to work out.


I was contemplating joining, but am adamant about not giving out my bank information for this type of thing. It's just easier to pay up front in cash and not have to worry about some dishonest person(s) figuring out a way to use this highly sensitive bank info to possibly steal from you and then have the hassle of trying to get your bank to replace funds that were stolen.

The risk for fraud is too high so I will look at finding another gym that has the same (or more) amenities and pray that the price isn't too much higher than planet fitness. What a shame.


That is exactly what i said and i have a checking with mine with direct deposit how is that not acceptable?


Why in the world does planet fitness need a credit card for the down payment and a checking account for the monthly fees? Who does that?


I’m not sure if you’re aware of this but debit cards, whether their a “regular” debit card or a “prepaid” debit card, they both accept ACH debits via their checking account number & routing number. So, to resolve your issue of not having a checking account, just purchase a prepaid debit card from any retailer such as Walmart. Then provide PF with the routing number & account number associated with your card!

to Monica Thompson #1432807

Best answer

to Monica Thompson #1471430

They don’t accept prepaid debit cards either I just went through this. I joined online and entered in the checking and routing number with my GreenDot prepaid Visa card.

They charged me the start up fee and when I went in they told me I needed a different checking account (which I don’t have!) to pay for my monthly fee. They didn’t tell me this when I joined online and now I can’t join and won’t refund me the start up fee!!

to Monica Thompson #1484167

Your so amazing,,

Framingham, Massachusetts, United States #1290558

unbelievably ***!

would you give your bank account details to some kid at the desk who works there, wait for this to turn into a legal disaster

Bonaire, Georgia, United States #1265653

Your first mistake was going to Planet Fitness

Palo Alto, California, United States #1235889

I bet the reason they do this is because of their shady practices, because once they charge your bank account directly, you can't dispute it like you can with credit cards!

to Anonymous Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #1271353

Part of the reason they do, is for a business reason. Business have to pay a percentage of the transaction to the credit card company every time it is used.

This is called a merchant fee. So when they bill your card 19.99 and low price for a gym already. They may have to pay 1.9% on a merchant fee. Or whatever the negotiated rate is between the bank and business.

Second, credit cards expire. The security code on the back changes. The expiration date changes. However, your bank account doesn't expire.

Your account routing number and account number typically stay the same.

Some people like to use credit cards so they can canel the card or say it was stolen so the business can't charge the card, as a way to breach a contract they signed. And did not read the contract before they signed it.

While I agree it would be nice to prepay for the year.

But then you have to deal with refunds when people decide they don't want to be a member anymore. From a business and accounting view that process is a hassle as compared to taking money.

Just my thoughts. There really is no reason anyone shouldn't have a checking account.

Credit score doesn't matter. It's not the old days where you could write a check at the store and bank of the fact that the store won't deposit it right away. So you could "float" the check till you got paid. Everything is electronic now.

You got to the store and the ACH debit your account anyway.

As for the people who call it discrimination. It's not. The fact that you do or don't have a checking account is not a protected class.

No one says that you have to join planet fitness. They are not denying your right to be healthy. That's just ridiculous. You can work out at home.

You can work out at public parks that have the basic gym equipment.

You can go for a walk, do cardio in your backyard or public space if you don't have a house. Stop being ridiculous ant thinking the world revolves only around you.

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