I was in my street wear on phone with boss i had tome bathroom very badly i ran to bathroom in lobby she screamed my name twice on first time i hung phone up so i came out of bathroom and said wow i heard u the first time do u have to scream like ur on fire at me i did what u asked and then i tanned and manager cancelled me without even witnessing what really hastened and how i was unfairly treated. I have asked to speak with someone about there way od business haven't found anyone to listen i needed membership i had surgery and i needed to rebuild muscles they just keep blowing me off.

Review about: Planet Fitness Membership.

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1. Learn to spell.

2. If you don't like the gym, find another.


Make you say hmmmm !!!!



As bad as your comment comes off I have to agree...I have NO CLUE what he/she was typing.

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