This gym is not as well-equipped as the average hotel-chain gym. Do not join this gym if you plan on performing the following exercises:

… bench press

… incline bench press

… squat (w/o Smith rack)

… dead lift

… straight-leg dead lift

… preacher curl

… any exercise involving squat rack

… any exercise involving standard bar

… any exercise involving E-Z curl bar

… any exercise involving short bar

Planet Fitness has removed ALL EQUIPMENT for free-weight exercises except dumb bells and a few Smith racks. A paltry number of benches are available for dumb bell exercises, but be prepared to wait.

On the other hand, if you would like to bask in a glowing red light or sit in a massage chair while watching a football game, this is the gym for you.

Planet Fitness used to be a great gym, but it is no more. All of the heavily-used free-weight equipment has been removed. If you would like to get in shape or stay in shape, look elsewhere.

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Gig Harbor, Washington, United States #1112870

You are obviously looking for a BODYBUILDING gym. Go to GOLD'S GYM for that type of gym.

Planet Fitness does not advertise being that type of gym! It is the anti-bodybuilding gym that is to get exercise without that type of pressure to perform. I have worked out at both. I really dislike the high-pressure, super-cliquey, highly egocentric gyms of gym rats full of I-know-everything opinions and major attitude.

I now choose the low-key, no-pressure, fitness-oriented gyms for all types of people of all sizes and fitness levels looking to become healthier and more fit - PERIOD!

IF you are looking for all of these high risk exercises that this guy wants - then you need to go to a place like GOLD'S GYM. Just make sure you get a good trainer to make sure you are doing those exercises correctly or you will find yourself hurting yourself more than helping yourself!


I have seen a lot of complaints on this website about Planet Fitness, and actually this is one complaint that actually makes sense to complain about. However, you have to think about their reasoning for opening the fitness club.

Their purpose is for general health. If they bring in all of these heavy weights, and equipment for athletes, then they put on a whole new purpose. That is not the gyms focus. Also, it is $10/month.

In the fitness industry, you get what you pay for. If I were paying $10/month, I would not care about them removing somethings. Would it s***, yes, but you learn to adapt.

Do parts of your workout that you can't do there somewhere else. That is why I have 3 different gyms at my disposal.


yeah planet fitness sadly is getting rid of nearly all the free weights. The gyms all around the country are going to be cardio and strength equipment only.

Anyone trying to get in athletic shape or anyone doing power lifts will not be accomidated by the change.

If you are just starting out or just looking for the basics to stay in shape its a good place to go. I work here and do some of my workouts here but I hit the power lifts at home.

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