I just moved from Madrid to NYC and I want to continue my healthy style. I join this gym and Hate it!...

I join and cancel the membership ... btw, is not like the commercials say, actually, there is a commitment of one year. They didn't give me a tour, I ask for it twice before join but they didn't have personal and no one explain about their "philosophy". after my first workout I realize that they don't have the appropriate equipment, lack of free weight, their " free judgment zone" Is *** (the only one who are judging are they).

The lunk alarm is annoying, I can't go to a gym that kick me out because I try to exercise and lift (WTF?) ...

don't have trainers. If you really are into workout, be strong and healthy, DON'T JOIN THIS GYM, they don't have a clue about what they are doing.

Review about: Planet Fitness Membership.

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Bronx, New York, United States #882469

planet fitness at pelham parkway whiteplains rd in the bronx it is the worst.my money was stolen 152$ from the security locks yes I had a lock on there its not a master lock I guess but it did say master gaurd.I ask the manager to look at the cameras for me she didn't I am so disappointed with the way they treat their members think about cancelling my membership so sadddddd

Melvindale, Michigan, United States #802602

This sounds like the worst gym ever... never been there and never will simply because there is no way I'm paying for someone to tell me what I can and can't wear or how I can work...

I'm not a work out freak but rather be with "lunks" who are working out then with people who are worried about being judged to begin with... Anyone who can agree with these policies is ridiculous!

San Jose, California, United States #783330

I actually have an interest in venting myself. Most posts here are STUP!D, and most situations clearly selfish rants for not getting their way.

Read some of my other posts. If I read that someone may be getting the shaft based on what they wrote, I strongly suggest they complain and pursue the issue. Planet Fitness policy and procedures are not rocket science, its simple and easy, but many people just don't listen or read what they are signing, and still want to get their way and dispute contract law and liability. If you rant about how stup!d you are, you deserve to have it pointed out to you that indeed, you are a whining m0ron.

If you rant about something legitimate, you deserve a reasonable avenue of action. I'm a cheerleader for Planet Fitness because I've been a member at several different locations and worked for two, and have dealt with many across the country. . I've also dealt with many morons, and accepted responsibility when something was our fault.

I have dealt with corporate, and they are by no means silent as many depict them here. Finally and clearly, there are over 700 locations nationwide, if these issues happened everywhere, than indeed, there is a large scale problem. But instead, searching the web, I find only a handful of truth and plenty of crybabies and whiners

Why am I here. Because I'm letting off steam because of all the M0R0Ns I've had to deal with thru a fake smile, because in my mind I'm yelling, I'DI0T, JACKA$$, and JEЯK!!!

I'm happily semi-retired, still continuing my fitness lifestyle, and I can't stand people who make thing up and play the blame game when the blame is all of their own making. I'm here to help as well, because from time to time, someone needs genuine help, but most need a kick in their ego.

to Perri G #806963

It is quite obvious you are a PR employee for PF or someone with some mental health issues.

It's also quite funny that you call people morons yet you still spend countless hours venting on the internet uselessly about things in real life that don't concern you. Do you not have some sort of job?

Why don't you do something constructive with your life?

I suggest you look into counselling - you clearly have some personal issues going on and your repeated attacks on people with what may very well be legitimate issues (most of your arguments in retaliation to them show a display of arrogance regarding the facts of the case) is disturbing.

The fact that you worked in the consumer service industry and had the words "I'DI0T, JACKA$$, and JEЯK!!" in your mind at times instead of rationally and calmly thinking and dealing with issues which you are PAID TO DO is disturbing.

You are not a happy anything, get some help for your own good. Spending numerous hours responding to the complaints of strangers is not good for anyone.

Other Location, New York, United States #781676

Perri g seems to have an interest in making PF look good. Every negative comment on this site has a answer posted by perri g, backing PF.

How can he/she believe that all these paying customers are wrong and PF is right every time.Really? I was looking to join PF so I decided to look up reviews, now because of perri g ill be looking into PF and how the staff treats their customers.

to Bxskydiver Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #782246

My second day at PF and I love it! I didn't get a tour.

I didn't get anything except a membership card and told the bathrooms are to your right. Big deal people! I walked around the gym in five minutes and learned where everything was located.

For ten dollars a month, you can't beat this! I am so thrilled that I found this place!

Hagerstown, Indiana, United States #775513

It's a general fitness gym with a low price for those people who don't spend all day at a gym. It IS EXACTLY like the commercials say, you purchased a different membership that involves a first year commitment.

As for not getting a tour, I agree with you there. You should at least know what kind of equipment the gym has.

When busy, this can be difficult. But you have 3 days from signing the agreement, ANY agreement or cotract, to change your mind and receive a refund without penalty.

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