I have been going to planet fitness for a couple weeks now..On 12-7-13 i was barely told that my info is not correct and was not charged for November 17th. It took three weeks for them to catch this.

also none of this was my fault i gave very ledgible info for them and they still messed up on it. Now im having to pay double for this whole mess. I feel this is not my responsibilty when it is "auto" pay. Dont waste your time or effort here..

management is no good and same with staff. I refuse to go back after all this.

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San Jose, California, United States #783546

So, what's the beef? Pay your bill!

Give them your right billing. Since you haven't been back, that's probably all you had to do, cuz it was probably your fault in the 1st place

Hagerstown, Indiana, United States #775752

If you provided correct info upon signup, this can be easily tracked. If provided correctly and legibly, then it was a data entry error and the facility should waive the service fee.

If the fee was already paid, there is an ability to freeze billing for the snafu. Usually there is a choice. When it comes to the monthly uncollected dues, this takes time to process, to be posted and to call each individual member with an issue. It's not dozens of calls, there may be several hundred to make.

This takes time.

If you are a daily or habitual gym user, this would be caught and discussed with you at check-in. Some gyms will allow you to workout that day, others may require that you settle past due before gaining entry.

Smyrna, Georgia, United States #759945

same thing happened to me!

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